#Interview : la mode durable vue par @aliaslouiseblog
Nous avons rencontré Louise sur les réseaux sociaux et nous sommes vraiment ravis de compter Louise parmi les amies de la marque Rive Claire. Louise a crée son blog sur la mode durable, éthique et écologique en 2014.
Swissveg: for animals, environment & health!
Swissveg is the largest representation of vegetarians and vegans in Switzerland.
#Interview: with Sarah and the importance of reconnecting with oneself
This is called "crush" encounters. With Sarah, it was immediately a beautiful friendly relationship that was established and I am very happy today to present you her portrait.
Dune, Bali and Nomad: the origin of the names of our collections
Our collection of eco-friendly handbags is inspired by nature and travel. It was therefore obvious for us to give our 3 families names that would allow each spirit to escape and find its destination. LET'S TAKE OFF!
#Interview: Audrey, founder of the Rive Claire brand
The founder of Rive Claire® answered some of our questions!
The Hamptons, our source of inspiration
Our Rive Claire® brand is inspired by the "Hamptons" style, which represents a full-fledged vintage lifestyle, both elegant and casual, combining luxury and comfort. The spirit is somewhat bohemian, natural but with the use of noble materials.
#Interview: meeting with our designer Joanna
It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to Joanna, our designer who designed our entire collection.
Start: zoom on our crowdfunding campaign
Each adventure begins with many projects to be carried out at the same time. For our part, we decided to launch a participatory fundraising campaign on the Kisskissbankbank platform.