The Hamptons, our source of inspiration

Our Rive Claire® brand is inspired by the "Hamptons" style, which represents a full-fledged vintage lifestyle, both elegant and casual, combining luxury and comfort. The spirit is somewhat bohemian, natural but at the same time with the use of noble materials.

The Hamptons style

The Hamptons is a resort on Long Island near New York City, characterized by fine sandy beaches, beautiful homes and lush green wilderness. It's all about greatness, but it's all about class, elegance and finesse.

It was during a trip to this beautiful region of the United States that we decided to be inspired by this universe. We left downtown Manhattan in a rental car with very heavy traffic as everyone can imagine in New York. To begin, we drove almost 3 hours to the end of the island in Montauk and then came back quietly and visited most of the villages of the Hamptons. And what an incredible discovery!

Fishing villages, immense almost deserted beaches, absolutely charming cottages, preserved vegetation, restaurants with a hippie chic atmosphere, the Hamptons immediately seduced us. It is whispered that it is a bit like the Normandy of New Yorkers. A perfect refuge to relax and enjoy every moment.

The Hamptons, our source of inspiration

It is in this incredibly chic but also picturesque atmosphere that we had the impetus to put both a theme and a style on our collections. We wanted to offer a brand that was both elegant and luxurious but also casual and natural. The Hamptons allowed us to create the ideal mood board and then give the guidelines to our designer Joanna. And that's how the adventure began!