Swissveg: for animals, environment & health!

Swissveg is the largest representation of vegetarians and vegans in Switzerland.

Since 1993, the politically and denominationally independent organization has been working with positive publicity to permanently reduce meat consumption and make a plant-based, responsible lifestyle an attractive and healthy alternative accessible to everyone.


Our Swissveg membership 

Rive Claire makes respect for the environment an integral part of its DNA and this is why the raw materials used for our handbags and accessories are of the utmost importance. We want our clients to be able to enjoy luxury without animal matter. 

So, when Swissveg contacted us in order to realize a partnership together, we did not hesitate. We particularly appreciate Swissveg's objectives which include animal welfare but also ecology and health. 

By becoming a member, and thanks to the Swissveg-Card, we can offer all members of the representation a special discount.

Because being a member of Swissveg not only protects animals, the environment and health, but also offers advantages. 

Rive Claire offers 5% discount

We are very pleased to be able to offer Swissveg members only a special 5% discount on our collection of vegan handbags. Together we can make a difference!

Do not hesitate to become a Swissveg member by purchasing the Swissveg-Card to take advantage of our discount but also to make savings with other partners in the fields of cosmetics, food, travel or leisure.